Foreign exchange


Exchange students are students coming from a partner university of ENSAPLV -see information leaflet- (either in the frame of the LLP-Erasmus program or any bilateral exchange agreement)


· Contact the international office of the home university to know the application procedure The home university must nominate the students who will study in ENSAPLV as exchange student.
· The international office must send the list of the nominated students who will study in ENSAPLV as exchange student.
· As soon as you are selected by your home institution's authorities, send ( by post and not by fax before june 15 th for 1st semester, December 15th for the second semester) :

+ the student application form (Download)
+ the learning agreement( Download)

to : Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris la Villette - Bureau des Relations Internationales - 144, avenue de Flandre 75019 Paris
Attesting your nomination, these 2 documents must be signed by your exchange coordinator.
· To fill up the learning agreement, you must consult the program that can be downloaded on
Les Formations de l’école
- Organisation des formations
- 1er cycle « Licence »- plaquette Licence
- 2ème cycle « Master » - plaquette Master

ECTS (Master)

Time Schedule :

Semestre 5

Semestre 6

Semestre 7

Semestre 8

Semestre 9

Referring to the learning agreement, it is necessary that the student writes precisely his/her choice of courses with the following information :
Level of the course (licence 3, Master 1, Master 2) – code – title of the course – name of the teacher – page of the “plaquette” .
The official letter of acceptance will be sent once the student file has been received by Mrs Videment, in charge of incoming students in ENSAPLV


Please make certain before you leave your home country that you have an health and accident insurance covering you during your stay abroad :
1- If you are an European Union student you must bring "the european card of health insurance"

2- If you are not a member of the European Union and if you are under 28 years old :
. You will have to contract in ENSAPLV a 192€ insurance covering your expenses occurred in France.
An health insurance from your home country is not accepted
3-A liability insurance policy is also compulsory and you could contract it in Paris as soon you arrive, if you don’t have contracted one


ENSAPLV can’t provide you an accommodation !

La Cité Internationale ( International student city) - apply in june -
Contact the " Service des Admissions "
Fondation Nationale 19, bd Jourdan
75690 Paris cedex 14 - RER Cité Universitaire
Tel : + 33 1 44 16 64 48
Fax : +33 1 44 16 64 03
You must know that it's not sure you can obtain a room.
The "guide du logement" which can help you, for your accomodation is on the web site ENSAPLV
Private accommodation may be very expensive in Paris. A one or two rooms apartment cost may vary between 500 and 600 €, and more according comfort and district. You may find a furnished room in a family for a lower rent.


To obtain the student card and the three exemplars of registration
On arrival to ENSAPLV, office 12-, International Relations office, you will be asked to present the following documents :
The letter of acceptation sended by ENSAPLV
Two passport photographs
A photocopy of the ERASMUS student agreement .
A photocopy of "European health insurance card"or paiement for French Student Health Insurance (Sécurité Sociale)
A photocopy of your liability insurance policy. If you did not contract this policy in your home country, you can easily contract an approximative 13 € .
Four post stamps of 0,55 € each.

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