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The uncertainty of the future health situation makes it impossible today to predict the restrictions that will be applied in France at the start of the next academic year. We are therefore acting, to date, as if university exchanges would continue during during the autumn academic period 2021 and during the spring academic period 2022. In this context, we hope that students could attend in-classroom meetings during the fall semester 2021. However, if the health situation gets worse, part of the courses could take place online, while the other could continue to be face-to-face. Please note : It is essential that students are able to be physically present in order to follow the courses which will take place face to face. Students who only wish to follow the courses remotely from their home country will not be accepted at ENSAPLV. Unless the French government decides otherwise, we will continue in this direction. However, we remain dependent on the decisions of the various countries, States and institutions. In this uncertain context, the conditions of reception of exchange students may be modified and exchanges may be cancelled or postponed by one semester. We remain in close contact with our partners and are vigilant at all official announcements so that we can inform you as soon as possible of the situation in France. We wish everyone good health and hope to welcome you soon at La Villette!


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Fiche d'information pour étudiants en échange 2022-2023 & 2023-2024/
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